If you are a UTCN graduate student, register for this webinar presentation !

A Master in Computer Science dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data,  can open doors to many new and exciting jobs, among the most sought after on the market today.. Maybe you already have a bachelor’s degree (4 years) or you are Oracle or Google certified in this field, then why not take your education a step further to develop better career opportunities and increase your knowledge in this area !

ESTIA, in partnership with Datum Academy, FUN, Oracle University, and Google, is proud to present two Master's programs in Computer Science : BIHAR in presential at ESTIA (Biarritz) and its online version eBIHAR, fully certified (90 ECTS*).

This event is in partnership with Universitatea Tehnică din Cluj-Napoca (UTCN) and is best suited for : 
graduates of Bachelor's programs from UTCN (4 years)
career changers looking for IT skills (especially in Big data and AI)
professionals wishing to advance their careers

The detailed program of this event will soon be online, stay tuned !

*ECTS : European Credits Transfer System