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Machine Learning

A GRADEO microcredit program is offered by Datum Academy that includes an Oracle Machine Learning Using Autonomous Database 2021 Specialist certification (1Z0-1096-21). Students also have a theoretical input on these skills with courses delivered by ESTIA professors. For a more complete program leading directly to a job, students can follow the MSc eBIHAR which includes these same courses but with more in-depth projects for a better practical approach.


With the intention of introducing bright minds to the principles of SQL and data manipulation in order to study data for data science applications, we offer a dedicated GRADEO including the Oracle Database SQL specialist certification (1Z0-914).

Cloud Computing

The main reasons why cloud computing is important for business is that it allows organizations to scale, maintain flexibility, and focus their efforts on business operations - not managing complex IT infrastructure. Following our MSc eBIHAR, you will master all the knowledges regarding Cloud Computing.


Understanding AI and knowing how to design AI-powered applications can fetch you a star career no matter if you're a student, developer, or technology consultant. Wether you choose to pursue with the MSc eBIHAR or the GRADEO, Artificial Intelligence will have no secrets for you and you will be able to enrich your resume and put the odds in your favor to pursue a promising career.


Data protection & anticipation of data leakage are key in a company. The demand for qualified professionals has exapended dramatically as a result of the rising demand for Cybersecurity. Now is the best time to learn Cybersecurity to have a steady career growth going forward.


MSc eBIHAR: Big Data & AI
1 or 2 years
ESTIA diploma
Oracle certification

Unlock numerous job opportunities such as Data Scientist, Data architect, Cloud & Cybersecurity project manager, and more. The program is dedicated to give the best expertise from both international academic & professional perspective.

Advanced SQL developer
GRADEO: Advanced SQL developer
4 to 6 months
ESTIA certification
Own pace
Oracle certification

Learn the basics of advanced SQL with an academic course and a certification course delivered by Oracle. This program is dedicated to IT novices who want to get their foot in the door of the tech world in an accelerated way.

Big Data and AI architect
GRADEO: Big Data & AI architect
6 months
ESTIA certification
Own pace
Oracle certification

A double certification program in partnership with UNISI and Oracle that allows you to master the theoretical and practical aspects of AI and Big Data with practical cases on current issues.

Full stack mobile web developer
GRADEO: Full stack mobile web developer
6 months
ESTIA certification
Own pace
Oracle certification

Enrich your knowledge of mobile programming with this program that will teach you to master the Groovy language and the Grails framework and to develop a responsive mobile website using REST APIs.

AI and Big Data in the cloud
GRADEO: AI & Big Data in the cloud
6 months
ESTIA certification
Own pace
Google certification

An accelerated program in partnership with UNISI and Google that allows you to master the theoretical and practical aspects of AI and Big Data architect in the cloud.


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