A Master in Computer Science can open doors to many new and exciting jobs.

Take your education one step further with the online Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and get the best possible preparation to access bottleneck professions that are in high demand.

eBIHAR curriculum is structured around three main blocks of professional IT skills :
- Big Data management (with the CLOUD dimension),
- Big Data analysis, including Artificial Intelligence (Machine learning and deep learning),
- Big Data application development (web and mobile)

This online course from the Ecole Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées (ESTIA) is done in partnership with Datum Academy, France Université Numérique (FUN), Oracle University, and Google Cloud.

The training enables you to acquire the theoretical and practical skills companies, learn more about Artificial Intelligence and Big Data through academic and Big Data through academic concepts and methods to industrial tools.

An internship is mandatory: an assignment in a company must be at least 4 months long. It can start between the beginning of April and the end of June. The oral defense will take place towards the end of September. A minimum 4-month mission in a company/research laboratory must be validated, the type of contract is not important. A report is also required on this project.


The MSc eBIHAR contains 10 university courses delivered by teachers from the ESTIA engineering school and 4 industrial courses in partnership with Oracle University. A university course is typically divided into 6/7 modules, each one given over a period of 1 week and 6/7 weeks in a row. Each module represents 5 hours of student work per week. Students can learn in the weekend-led program from the comfort of their homes.
  • Data and Codd Relational Model for structured databases
  • SQL2 for Relational Databases
  • Chris Date and Mike Stonebraker's Manifestations on the object relational model
  • OQL for object databases
  • SQL3 for hybrid (object-relational) databases
  • Data and NO SQL paradigms for unstructured databases (Datalakes and polystores)
  • Mathematical Tools
  • Basics of Machine Learning
  • Learning with Shallow Architectures
  • Learning with Deep Architectures
  • Computer Vision, Natural Language
  • Software Packages for Machine Learning
  • Groovy & Grails basics
  • Grails Framework
  • Web mobile & responsive
  • Fullstack & PWA
  • Angular
  • Spring security
  • Strategic vision on big data economy around technical disruptions
  • N.O. SQL and NEW SQL
  • Category theory
  • Graph query languages
  • The map/reduce paradigm Hadoop presentation
  • Advanced Hadoop development Apache Spark
  • Vulnerability and privilege
  • Attacks & malware
  • Security policy & mechanisms
  • Mandatory Access Control
  • Symmetric Cryptography
  • Asymmetric Cryptography
  • Users authentification & network security
  • Introduction to the NFC standard
  • NFC secure card emulation mode ecosystem and architecture
  • Designing NFC use cases
  • Programming NFC applications with Android
  • Tools & Agile management
  • Agile project management
  • Cloud programming introduction
  • Demystify the Cloud architecture and introduction to AWS and its basics
  • EC2/GCE
  • AWS/GCP storage and database
  • Automation et pipeline
  • DNS, content delivery, containers, serverless programming and application integration
  • Objective-C & Swift Languages
  • IOS Framework
  • Project (Buy & Sell Application)
  • Android SDK
  • Project (Buy & Sell Application)
  • Flutter Framework
  • Blockchain
  • Smart contract & Ethereum
  • Program with Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
  • Create procedures, functions, packages, and triggers using PL/SQL
  • Describe the components and feature of Oracle Machine Learning (OML)
  • Use OML features with Oracle Autonomous Database
  • Identify Oracle Cloud Services that are compatible with OML
  • Create projects, workspaces, SQL scripts, job schedules, templates, and notebooks in OML
  • Describe OML use cases


Download the calendar of the program for the current year so you can have an idea on the planning schedule.


The application process is really simple. A panel will meet to review all admissions to determine whether or not an applicant is eligible for the program. An answer regarding this deliberation will be sent to you by email whether you are selected or not. Selected candidates can block their seats through the payment of the admission fee.

Admission Process Submityour application Decision ofthe jury If eligible, startyour learning journey ! Application reviewedby the jury


The program can be paid in 3 instalments. If you are a student in a Connected Digital Campus (CDC), the specific fees for this program should be checked with your university. All fees mentionned are with the tax included.

Full Payment
7200 €
1st Month
2nd Month
3rd Month
2400 €
2400 €
2400 €


  • Obtaining a 1 year European MS degree in Computer Science based upon MOOCs
  • Getting a complete European/accredited Master degree in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (90 ECTS)
  • Giving you the best expertise from both international academic and professional perspective
  • Learning 4 key jobs in the Data Economy : Big Data Architect, Data Scientist, Cloud and Cybersecurity Project Manager, and Mobile/Web Developer
  • Accessing Oracle exclusive courseware and lab environments that provide real world training on Oracle Cloud
  • Potential Oracle Certification : Machine Learning, Administration Workshop, SQL & Java Developper


Data Analyst Data Analyst
Cloud Project Manager Cloud Project Manager
Lead Data Analyst Lead Data Analyst
Cybersecurity Project Manager Cybersecurity Project Manager
Senior Data Analyst Senior Data Analyst
Mobile Developer Mobile Developer
Big Data Architect Big Data Architect
Web Developer Web Developer


Employees may be eligible to receive financial aid from their employer.
To submit an application, you must first create an account on our site by clicking on the button Enroll Now. After creating your account, you will be automatically redirected to a page that will allow you to fill in all the information required for your application. You will always be able to return to this file by logging into your account by clicking on the Login button.
To be eligible, you must have a Master 1 or a 4-year Bachelor degree in Computer Science. Candidates with a Master's degree in another field will unfortunately not be considered as eligible, as the training requires extensive knowledge acquired during the previous year in computer science.
Once you have submitted your application on our website, a panel of judges will meet to evaluate your application. You will receive an answer by email, whether positive or negative. If it is positive, you will receive a link to pay your tuition. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation by email within 48 hours, as well as your access to the learning platforms. Your schooling certificate will be sent a few days later by ESTIA.
The online program might be seen more difficult than the residential one as students should demonstrate learning autonomy. For a university course each weekly module (1 or 2 hours on line) requires 5 hours of student work which could lead to 10 hours student activity per week for 2 courses. 
Of course! All our courses, including the MSc eBIHAR, are open to everyone, regardless of your nationality or place of residence. This is the magic of distance learning :)
You could ask for a course transfer (needs justification) on your application form or submit your Oracle certificate if you have it. If you are in this situation, please contact us ! 
You only need a computer and an internet connection.
If you choose to pay in 3 installments, you will be charged once a month on the same day starting with the first payment. For example: if you make your first payment on September 1st, you will be debited on October 1st for the second payment and on November 1st for the third payment.
Every MOOC module is tutored both in P2P mode in the social network of students (within FUN MOOC platform) and with a weekly video chat of 2 hours with the professor in charge of the course. On the Oracle University platform, you can contact your instructor through the tool « Ask instructor » on your course page. And of course, Datum Academy staff is always available to help you through your training !
The diploma will not be marked "online" since both diplomas (online and face-to-face) have exactly the same value in terms of teaching and ECTS delivered.
No, there won’t be a graduation ceremony.
Unlock numerous job opportunities such as Data Scientist, Data architect, Cloud & Cybersecurity project manager, and more. The program is dedicated to give the best expertise from both international academic & professional perspective.

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