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Inauguration of the first Connected Digital Campus

Inauguration of the first Connected Digital Campus (CDC) in Côte d'Ivoire at ESATIC

As part of the "Franco-Ivorian Hub for Education", which aims to support joint training projects between Ivorian and French institutions, ESTIA and Datum Academy have inaugurated the Master of Science BIHAR, a professional master in the heart of the DATA economy, crucial for the digital future of Africa. ESTIA is developing a strategy of international dissemination of its Master of Science BIHAR via the creation of Connected Digital Campus (CDC) in partner universities to ensure mainly local tutoring of distance learners.

10 women who revolutionised computing and programming

This Tuesday 8 March marks International Women's Rights Day (and no, it's not "Women's Day"). The tech industry has mostly turned its back on women's ambitions and skills. Although there has been some improvement in recent years, notably with the inclusion of women in IT retraining courses. On equal pay, efforts still need to be made: on average, there is a 14% difference between male and female developers.

On the occasion of International Women's Rights Day, we would like to highlight in this article women who have played an important role in computing and/or programming. These women have been pioneers in their field and have helped pave the way for future generations of female developers.
online job interview

7 tips to prepare for online job interviews

Online job interviews can be considered as the new normal in the recruitment world. However, there are few challenges also that come up with online interviews but if you prepare well and follow the right approaches then you will get the desired results. 
Data Architect

Data Architect : Job Description & Job Interview Questions

The data architect is the person responsible for collecting, storing and manipulating an organization's data.
In this blog post, we summarize the duties of the data architect and the skills required. We also provide a set of questions you can use to prepare for your interview for a data architect job.