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A streamer plays Elden Ring with her thoughts

The challenging video game "Elden Ring," created by FromSoftware, well-known for its "Dark Souls" series, has a player community determined to beat the game in unique ways. One streamer, MissMikkaa, accomplished this feat by completing the game on a dance mat and even added another game to the controller. However, this has been surpassed by another English streamer, Perrikaryal, who uses her brain activity, as measured by an EEG, to control the game without using her hands or any tricks.

Perrikaryal utilizes an electroencephalogram (EEG) to transform her brain activity into in-game actions through a dynamic programming algorithm. The EEG records the brain's electrical activity and patterns, distinguishing between regular brain activity and moments when the streamer visualizes an action.

The EEG records are converted into data and given to the algorithm, which interprets the data as various game actions such as movement, dodging, and attacking. Perrikaryal mentions that adding more commands can complicate the system's ability to differentiate between them and make its operation more confusing.

Perrikaryal employs a machine learning algorithm as a Big Data tool, which requires continual training to improve its efficiency.
Playing Elden Ring through thought does result in a noticeable lag, making the gameplay experience slower compared to manually pressing buttons. Despite the EGG's ability to detect brain activity in just a few milliseconds, it has a limited accuracy of 60-70% when compared to a manual action's accuracy of 90-100%. However, this decrease in accuracy hasn't stopped the player from making progress and defeating challenging bosses, such as the Crimson Wolf of Radagon.

The dream of thought-controlled gaming is becoming a reality due to advancements in technology and digitization. The future holds endless possibilities in the realm of Data Science and related fields worldwide.

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Source : www.twitch.tv/perrikaryal

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