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Snapchat and artificial intelligence: My AI, a new controversial friend

Snapchat, the photo and video sharing app, recently introduced My AI, an artificial intelligence based on GPT Chat that can invite itself into your conversations and answer all your questions. While this new feature is interesting, it also raises concerns about the security and privacy of users' personal data, especially children and teenagers.

My AI: a double-edged AI

Able to provide advice on various topics, Snapchat's My AI however does not seem to be able to process the latest news or retrieve content from other websites or platforms such as Netflix. It can, however, give us definitions on concepts, or make recommendations based on our request (restaurant, ...). My AI is designed to look like a virtual friend, with its customizable Bitmoji and its ability to appear on the Snapchat map. However, My AI is also capable of answering more personal questions, such as the user's geolocation, which raises concerns about the privacy of personal data.
Concerns about the safety of children and teenagers

Some parents have expressed concerns about the safety of their children using Snapchat and My AI. Indeed, several young users have managed to trick My AI into asking personal questions, such as their geolocation or other sensitive information. While Snapchat has assured that user safety and privacy is a top priority, it is important to note that My AI is capable of collecting and storing personal information about users.

Still, the safety of minors on Snapchat was indeed a danger at the launch of My AI. One user on Twitter alerted to the dangers of this AI for minors by posting screenshots of a fake conversation between a person posing as a 13-year-old and My AI.

In this conversation, the "child" said she had met a man 18 years older than her and that she was going to follow him on a romantic getaway without informing anyone. Instead of alerting the child to the dangers of this situation, My AI comforted the child by telling her that it was fine as long as she felt comfortable. We wanted to try the same experiment to see if Snapchat had since made an update to its AI.

So we created an account pretending to be a 15-year-old and followed the same chat pattern as the Twitter user. This time, My AI did alert us to the dangers of the situation despite our insistence. As a result, Snapchat had to make an update following widespread panic over the first AI-generated responses. While My AI is an impressive technology, it's crucial to monitor it carefully and take steps to protect users, especially minors, from potential risks. Parents and users of all ages should be aware of the risks associated with using this AI and exercise caution when interacting with it.

Mistrust is the order of the day for all My AI users

It is important to note that distrust is required for all users of My AI, not just children and teenagers. Indeed, this AI is capable of storing personal information about all users, and can be used for advertising or profiling purposes. Users should therefore exercise caution when interacting with My AI and avoid sharing sensitive personal information.

How do I delete My AI?

Deleting My AI from your Snapchat feed can be a complex procedure for some users. Indeed, Snapchat has placed this virtual friend in the first position of the discussions on the interface, which has caused the annoyance of many users. If you want to get rid of My AI, you need to be subscribed to Snapchat+, the paid version of the app.

To remove My AI from your chat feed, follow these steps:

Go to your Chat tab and long-press My AI.
Click on "Chat Settings."
Select "Delete from Chat Thread".


In conclusion, My AI is an interesting new feature from Snapchat that can help you discover new places and answer your questions. However, it is important to take precautions and not share personal information with this AI. Parents should be especially careful about how their children and teens use My AI. Users of all ages should also be aware of the risks of using this AI and be wary. Snapchat should also take steps to strengthen the security and privacy of My AI users.

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