Master enabler towards European Master degrees in France (UCA, eMiage, Estia) and Italy ( Univ Sienna)

ABOUT MBDS & Datum Academy

MBDS is a master’s degree in Computer Science devoted to application development in the DATA economy.
MBDS has been ranked among the top ten master’s degrees in Computer Science in France since 2007.

eMBDS is a second-year online master's degree giving a right to 60 ECTS on the uses of new technologies in data management and big data. Teaching units are identical with those of the Master MBDS IT Program of the mention MIAGE.
You could directly apply for eMBDS accreditation on E-candidat platform:

eMBDS includes 6 online courses on FUN platform scheduled in 2019 (starting on the 2nd of September) and 6 courses on the Oracle e-learning platform starting in June 2019 .
A eMBDS / MBDS acedemic committee meets at the end of each month to examine all applications, and validate registrants , each of whom will receive a customized training plan if accepted.

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