Master enabler towards European Master degrees in France (UCA, eMiage, Estia) and Italy ( Univ Sienna)

Master eBIHAR

This program will start on January 2021

A Master in Computer Science can open doors to many new and exciting jobs.

Take your education one step further with the online Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and get the best possible preparation to access bottleneck professions that are in high demand.

BIHAR (Bigdata Intelligence for Human Augmented Reality) curriculum encompasses both dimensions with strong international academic support and industry involvment.

BIHAR is a 2-years “Master of Science” degree (MSc) of ESTIA, the School of Engineering in the South West of France, in Computer science with a focus on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and BIG DATA. BIHAR corresponds to 120 ECTS (60 ECTS a year) with 4 semesters including 1 semester is devoted to an industry internship or Master thesis. BIHAR curriculum encompasses 20 academic courses (including 2 MOOCs) representing 900 Hours in total.

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eBIHAR is a 1-year on-line Master of Science degree which corresponds to the MOOC version of BIHAR MSc; eBIHAR is the 1st MOOC-based MS degree in Europe dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data with 50% of the courses provided by Oracle University (replacing the master thesis/internship in its university counterpart). This one-year corresponds to 60 ECTS. Dual Master degree were finalized with University of Siena (Italy), EMU (Cyprus), ESATIC (Ivory Coast) and eMIAGE (University of Lyon).

  • Obtaining a 1 year European MS degree in Computer Science based upon MOOCs
  • Getting a complete European/accredited Master degree in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (60 ECTS)
  • Giving you the best expertise from both international academic and professional perspective
  • Learning 4 key jobs in the Data Economy : Big Data Architect, Data Scientist, Cloud and Cybersecurity Project Manager, and Mobile/Web Developer
  • Accessing Oracle exclusive courseware and lab environments that provide real world training on Oracle Cloud
  • Potential Oracle Certification : Big Data Fundamentals, Oracle SQL, Java Programming, and Mobile Development
  • An international network in support from the very beginning : UNISI (Sienna, Italy), EMU (Cyprus), ESATIC (Ivory Coast), UCBL (eMiage, Lyon) but also ASU (Russia), AMRITA (India), DEUSTO (Spain), EMSI (Morocco), ITU (Madagascar) ...

Fees :

This MSc cost 7 200 € (Tax incl.).
Payment in 3 instalments is possible.

For students being already Oracle certified:

50% cost saving if you have 4 expected Oracle certificates, which means
3 600 € (Tax. incl.) for the whole eBIHAR master degree. Please contact us if so.

Master eMBDS

A Master in Computer Science can open doors to many new and exciting jobs. If you already have a bachelor’s degree or you're Oracle certified in this field, why not take your education a step further to develop better career opportunities and build your knowledge in this area. In today’s fast-paced digital world, access to training that adapts to your schedule is paramount to keep up with the pace of the ongoing technology changes. Benefit from learning on-the-go and building new skills with the eMBDS Master degree program to achieve meaningful career goals.

MBDS stands for Mobiquitous [Mobile and Ubiquitous], Big Data and Systems integration and is a master’s degree in Computer Science from Université Côte d’Azur (UCA), focused on application development in the DATA economy.

The Oracle platform has been the technology platform for MBDS academic courses since its inception in 1992. MBDS has been ranked among the top ten Masters degrees in Computer Science in France since 2007, with a strong focus on IT innovation.

eMBDS is the online version of MBDS, which is a fully European accredited master’s degree, marketed by DATUM ACADEMY in close partnership with Oracle University.

Earning this degree will allow you to connect with a top notch university and experience professional training from Oracle University. You benefit from taking courses online to limit time away from home and unnecessary costs as you gain knowledge and experience from key organizations. This transformational educational opportunity can drive your career forward.

  • First European online Master degree in Computer Science based on MOOCs
  • Complete European/accredited Master degree in Data Economy (60 ECTS)
  • Offers you a chance to build the deepest expertise from both an academic and professional perspective
  • Job role-based learning paths
  • Access to Oracle exclusive courseware and lab environments that provide real world training on Oracle Database
  • Certification exams included: Oracle SQL, Oracle Database Administration, Java Programming, Big Data and Mobile Development

Academic MOOCs available on FUN Platform :

Oracle courses available on Big Data, Java and Database Learning Subscription

Core courses :
Optionnal courses :

Oracle University created a quality digital training eMBDS Learning Subscription to support the eMBDS program. Through this program, students will access training to develop new skills, gain new industry insight, and take advantage of courses designed by Oracle experts that cover our large spectrum of offerings.

Your Oracle Learning Subscription Includes:
Learning Paths
Hands-on Labs
Expert Webcasts
Access to Instructors

« I’m very pleased that I was one of the first students who graduated Master of Computer Science degree program based on MOOCs. The eMBDS program offered by the University of Nice with a partnership with Datum academy and Oracle University will boost your technical knowledge and allows you to master all hands-on expertise in emerging technology. At the same time, you will have a chance to adopt Oracle technology and gain professional certificates from Oracle University. It is big deal. Thank you very much to all of our professors, faculty staff, facilitators, and their support and collaboration. I can recommend this unique opportunity to anyone who wants to advance their career and deepen their IT credentials. »

Zolbayar Zorigoo
Oracle Senior Sales Consultant

« Course content is very apt and adheres to current IT trends, I really liked the graduate course content. It includes Big Data, Mobile Technologies, Javascript, Database, Agile, NFC, Blockchain, etc. All the courses included in eMBDS are a must for any IT Professional. Really liked the content of each of the courses: it covers all the basic and intermediate levels of content. Later individuals can scale themselves to Expert Level. In conclusion, eMBDS is a very good on-line master's degree for any person who wants to improve their skills and keep themselves updated;  it includes all the latest technologies.  I would highly recommend taking it up mainly because of the course content and the great support from Datum Academy. This online course would be difficult or impossible without great support from Datum Academy”. »

Dharmendra Singh
Oracle Principal Software Engineer

« It was awesome being a part of the eMBDS learning program! I never imagined MOOCs and online learning could be so effective and was apprehensive initially when I signed up but as I progressed through the courses, I felt more confident that this degree would definitely help enrich my skills and help me at my workplace and further educational endeavors. Some of my personal favorites were the courses on Javascript, Native Mobile Programming, and the ones on Data Mining and Machine Learning. In addition, the Oracle University courses were also very detailed with hands-on lab sessions. A big thank you to Mishket Ben Hamida, Betty Schmitt for being available and patiently answering all my questions on the administrative part and to all the professors for the wonderful MOOCs, live sessions, and support on the courses. »

Amrita Panda
Oracle Principal QA Analyst

« I'm writing to you to express my gratitude for the courses I took at the University of Nice. It was great to be a part of eMBDS program. I was very pleased with the selection of courses as they covered the latest and greatest technologies on the market. I also was impressed with the professors' knowledge level, and the amount of work they put into their classes.​ ​​...I hope I will have an opportunity to take other classes at your University in the future. Please keep me informed on your future programs. »

Irina Mok
Oracle Senior Manager Software Development

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