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Datum Academy is a MOOC editor, industrial course reseller and MOOC integrator which participates to fully-accredited European degrees online in the data economy. Every academic course is "open" i.e. with free content un-der Creative Commons licensing (CC-BY-NC) on FUN platform (www.fun-mooc.fr); just certification to get professional credit with Oracle has to be paid. Datum Academy is fully committed to the UNESCO OER (Open Educational Re-sources) for academic courses to make them available on our planet. Starting in March 2019, Datum Academy offers three educational accredited environments :

  • ENROLLMENT to eMBDS (and other European Masters) in partnering universities to get complete accredited master degrees (with 60 ECTS)
  • INDIVIDUAL graduate courses with an Oracle credential
  • JOB PACKAGES (corresponding to learning tracks leading to specific highly-demanded jobs) with an Oracle credentials starting in September.

  • Education

    Leading to the 1st European accredited IT master degree, « eMBDS », the MOOC version of MBDS ( www.mbds-fr.org ), a successful master degree in computer science on ICT usage engineering. MBDS is ranked among the top ten master degrees in CS in France ( www.meilleurs-masters.com/master-informatique-et-ingenierie-des-systemes.html )

  • E-Learning

    eMBDS is initially delivered in close partnership with Oracle, the world leader in data management offering half of the master courses on data management TOOLS. Free ICT multidisciplinary seminars and use cases on ICT standards (in open source) are on offer in 2019. Datum Academy is an OAER (Oracle Academic Education Reseller) and offers an « EMBDS Learning Subscription » for eMBDS degree in 2019 and others Masters in 2020.

  • Best Industry Leaders

    Another online master degree on “Big data management and analytics (machine learning, deep learning) is already planned jointly with the University of Sienna (Italy, Pr Marco Gori) in 2020 along with a partnership with eMIAGE and Open Miage to offer a full master degree in 2 years.

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