Financial Aid

Depending on the program and/or your job company, you can benefit from a financial aid.


CPF (only for eMBDS and French Citizens):

Case 1: you are placed in training by the company, during working time.

It is the employer who contacts the OPCO (skills operator, ex-OPCA) to mobilise the CPF with your agreement, and completes the cost of the training if the sum to the CPF is not sufficient.

You must contact the BARE (Bureau d'aide à la reprise d'études) to get a quote (contact - nadine email or huberts email)

You will need to contact this service for all registration details.

Case 2: you enroll in training without referring to your employer, outside working hours.

You have to go to CPF's online mobilization platform of its OPCO (autonomous CPF), complete the cost of the training yourself. Then ask the BARE (Bureau d'Aide à la Reprise d'Etudes) for a quote and send it to the OPCO.

You will need to contact the BARE in order to complete the administrative portion of the registration process.

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