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Developing Applications for the Java EE 7 Platform Ed 1

Teacher Oracle University


Learn how to use Java Persistence and Java Transaction APIs,create a flexible component model using EJB and CDI technology,provide Timer, Concurrency and Batch services,create SOAP and REST WebServices,develop web-based interfaces using Servlets, Java Server Pages, and JavaServer Faces.
You will also learn to assemble and deploy Java applications to a JEE Application Server.


By taking this course, you'll gain hands-on experience building Java EE 7 Applications. You will get the chance to create web-based user interfaces using HTML5 and JavaScript along with JSPs JSFs and servlets. Web-based user interfaces will use AJAX to communicate with RESTful web services you create. Business logic will be handled using CDI and EJB components. You will also create and use JMS resources, Batch and Timer components. You will learn how to persist application data using JPA and JTA APIs.

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