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Datum Academy, to nurture the future of digital universities.

Datum Academy is a MOOC editor, industrial course reseller and MOOC integrator which enables to get fully-accredited European degrees online in the data economy. Every academic couse is "open" i.e. with free content under Creative Commons licensing (CC-BY-NC) on FUN platform (www.fun-mooc.fr); just certification to get professional credit from Oracle and eventually ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) has to be paid to Datum Academy which is managing the interfaces with universities and industrial partners. Datum Academy is fully committed to the UNESCO OER (Open Educational Resources) for academic courses to make them available on our planet. Starting in March 2019, Datum Academy offers three educational accredited environments :

  • ENROLLMENT to eMBDS (if eligible) in partnering universities to get complete accredited master degrees (with 60 ECTS)
  • INDIVIDUAL graduate courses with an Oracle credentials
  • JOB PACKAGES (corresponding to learning tracks leading to specific highly-demanded jobs) with an Oracle credentials starting June 3rd.


Leading to the 1st European accredited IT master degree, « eMBDS », the MOOC version of MBDS ( www.mbds-fr.org ), a successful master degree in computer science on ICT usage engineering. MBDS is ranked among the top ten master degrees in CS in France ( www.meilleurs-masters.com/master-informatique-et-ingenierie-des-systemes.html )


eMBDS is initially delivered in close partnership with Oracle, the world leader in data management offering half of the master courses on data management TOOLS. Free ICT multidisciplinary seminars and use cases on ICT standards (in open source) are on offer in 2019. Datum Academy is an OAER (Oracle Academic Education Reseller) and offers an « EMBDS Learning Subcription » for eMBDS degree in 2019 and others Masters in 2020.

Best Industry Leaders

Another online master degree on “Big data management and analytics (machine learning, deep learning) is already planned jointly with the University of Sienna (Italy, Pr Marco Gori) in 2020 along with a partnership with eMIAGE and Open Miage to offer a full master degree in 2 years.
Gabriel Mopolo Moke

60 years old. Born in Bouegni (Congo), Associated professor (PAST) at University of Nice since 2005. Gabriel.mopolo@gmail.com
PH-D in Computer Science (in data base and persistent system) in 1990. Then co-director of MBDS since its inception in 1992. In charge of the curriculum and innovative projects of MBDS. He is managing MBDS master degree delocalized in Morocco, Madagascar, Ivory Coast and Haïti.
Docteur en Informatique de l Université de Nice en 1990 ; Prof associé depuis 2005 ; Directeur pédagogique du MBDS depuis sa creation en 1992. Responsable des antennes du MBDS délocalisées au Maroc, Cote d’Ivoire , Haïti et Madagascar


34 years old. Born in Russia; eishkina@gmail.com
PH-D in Computer Science from the University of Astrakhan (Russia) in 2012, Master degree (MBDS) from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis in 2007. Then Director of MBDS delocalized in Russia until 2016. Since 2016 Associate professor in the MINES SCHOOL in Sophia Antipolis with R&D in data science on energy research platform
34 Ans, Dr en Informatique de l Univ d’Etat d Astrakhan (Russie) en 2012. Ancienne Etudiante du MBDS à Sophia en 2007 puis Directrice du Master MBDS délocalisé en Russie jusqu à 2015.. Professeur associé à l Ecole des Mines de Paris (à Sophia Antipolis sur des projets de DATA SCIENCE)depuis 2016

President : Pr Serge Miranda

Serge Miranda is a full-time Professor of Computer Science at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS), France, a position he has held since October 1983 after a PH-D in Toulouse University (France) and a Master thesis at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). Serge Miranda has authored or coauthored more than 100 publications and published six successful French books on databases with many invited conferences around the world (in French, English and Spanish). He founded MBDS, a master degree and innovation laboratory in 1992 (www.mbds-fr.org). MBDS is devoted to data base, Big Data and mobiquitous information systems with important financial involvement of industry partners to prototype information services of the future. Serge Miranda founded and became the first president (until 2012) of a multidisciplinary University foundation DreamIT on December 2009 around the MBDS kernel. DreamIT was key in rebuilding MBDS facility in Haiti: On March the 21st 1998, he was decorated (“Chevalier Ordre du Merite”) by Senator Pierre Laffitte (founder of Sophia Antipolis science park) on behalf of the Ministry of Industry of France for recognition of his original contribution between higher education and industry in the science park of Sophia Antipolis.
”The great challenge for Datum Academy is to succeed in launching the 1st on-line master degree in computer science in Europe (eMBDS based upon MOOCs) with Oracle as a key partner like we did 25 years ago with Oracle for our residential MBDS degree”

Marco Landi
(investor and successful business man)

Cofounder and President of Atlantis Ventures, Former COO and President of APPLE, Member of the board of Verysilicon Holdings, Advisor for Iglobe Partners, WI Harper Group,.Former CEO Navlink, Former President of BMC Europe, Texas Instrument (Europe, Asia)

“I fully support your project of DATUM ACADEMY. The MOOC revolution will drastically change the way students and engineers will get knowledge and degrees in computer science in the future (as demonstrated in the USA with three Masters on-line on MOOC platforms). DATUM ACADEMY is in the heart of DATA ECONOMY and it is a great opportunity not to be missed, to become a European leader on accredited digital education of the future.Your initial pragmatic approach with Oracle University is of prime importance to succeed and demonstrate the feasibility of your achievements while giving a top professional and international exposure. I confirm to you I will be pleased to be part of the scientific and strategic committee of DATUM Academy and could help you to raise funds to get it started with a great ambition”

Marc Lassus

CEO of Watenergy,Fouder of Gemplus Gemalto
“On behalf of the companies Watenergy , Hyperpanel and Ababila Light that I am managing, I would like to stress again the immense interest we see in the competencies you are developing within DATUM Academy. I must admit that I am really impressed by the partnership you developed with Oracle This appears to me as a top ingredient to succeed rapidly internationally and, eventually, to attract new investors .As a consequence, I am committing myself either “intuitu personae “ or through one of the above structures to invest into your initiative. In addition I accept your offer to join your Scientific Committee and I thank you for that.
Looking forward to reviewing with you the next steps to help you implementing your project.”

Jean Luc Valente
(industry and investment)

Vice President of CISCO (GM services, Cloud Platform) San FRancisco, Former CEO Bluekiwi (bought by ATOS), Former investor in ATLAS VENTURE, Former Marketing Director at Computer Associates
“Digital transformation is upon us whether at the country, city, company, citizen or child level with enormous potential to boost economic, environmental, educational and societal output.
Harnessing the endless waves of new technologies, techniques and tools and bridging the gap of educational divide are finally possible through massive open online courses. In that vein the DATUM Academy initiative offers incredible higher education potential to communities around the world and sometimes in our own backyard.
The nexus of greater connectivity, digital educational content and easy to use MOOC platforms create a fertile ground for the DATUM Academy, a project led by one of the most experienced, networked and successful higher education individual in the planet.
I would personally be delighted and honored to contribute time and effort to this laudable and justified initiative”.

Valérie Hayotte
(Oracle University, Director of Sales, West and South Region) on behalf of Loic Le Guisquet, President of Oracle EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa)

Oracle University Director for West (UK, Ireland & Israel) and South (France, Spain, Italy & Portugal) regions; Sales director at Oracle for 12 years; before at IBM and LOTUS dev.
“University de Nice Sophia Antipolis currently offers a French IT Master degree called MBDS (“Mobiquitous and Big-Data Systems”) which is one of the top-ten French master degrees in CS.
MBDS is 2nd year master degree in computer science delivering 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) like any European master degree. It has been running since 1992 with 100 students currently enrolled every year. Oracle has been a key partner with MBDS since its creation in 1992; Oracle will be a key partner in making eMBDS a successful on-line master degree at the international level.
DATUMAcademy start up invested in authoring and making the Mooc-based academic MBDS courses in French and English. eMBDS will be the first MOOC-based European on-line Master’s Degree in Computer Science in Europe. In that context, Oracle University experts are proactively working with Pr. Serge Miranda to build a dedicated branded “eMBDS Learning Subscription” that will be fully part of the Master degree. eMBDS Courses will be delivered on line: six academic ones from MBDS (MOOC-based on FUN/EDX platform) and six within the dedicated eMBDS learning subscription by Oracle University.

Reda El Mejjad
(successful first-round start up in big data)

Founder of IZICAP a start up in big data marketing in Nice (France). Former student Telecom Paris, former Vice President of Maroc Connect then International VP for Monaco Telecom.

(successful entrepreneur Xtreme Enterprise in multimedia content)

XTreme Enterprise, a global group specialized in the manufacture, distribution, promotion and retail of products and services in the extreme sports market. XTreme Enterprise includes different companies encompassing all activities of a product’s lifecycle: Xtreme Distribution, XSories and EQ (manufacture), XTreme Video,SurfersVillage, and YouRiding Video Games (promotion) and ByWalski Concept Store (retail).Offices are located in Biarritz, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Carlsbad, Shenzhen and Dubai.